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Therapy through Retail - Shopping


Shopping is an activity that is especially loved by most women. They consider it as therapeutic. âRetail therapyâ is a term coined by the Chicago Tribune during the Christmas Eve of 1986. It involves shopping as a way to improve your mood. Shopping malls, as retail paradise venues, commonly provide services to thousands of consumers daily. Most, if not all, cities and towns regard shopping malls as one of the conveniences of urban living. One of the most lucrative occupations brought about by the shopping industry is called a personal shopper. Personal shoppers are hired to help other people to purchase and give suggestions on items to be purchased.

History of Shopping

Shopping has been around since ancient times even when money was not yet used as a means to purchase goods. Bartering or trading of goods was the common practice until over 2000 years ago. It was in ancient Rome that shopping for retail items can be traced back. The Trajanâs Market was the first shopping mall in history. During ancient times, a customer was served by the shopkeeper by using a shopping list, and the goods were then delivered to the customerâs home. Subsequently, this changed into customers selecting goods from the shelf, paying for them, and bringing them home. Nowadays, the most popular form of shopping is through the internet. Customers pick out the items they wish to purchase, and these are delivered to their homes.

Shopping Malls

However, buying items in shopping malls is still the best experience of shopping per se. Some even consider window shopping as a favorite past time. Many frequent shopping malls to look at items and will later on decide to actually purchase them. Most towns and cities nationwide have their own shopping mall because it is considered one of the features and amenities of living in urban areas. Local businesses often thrive by making themselves part of this retail venue which also provides consumers with imported and designer items.

Personal Shoppers

Aside from retailers and wholesalers, another occupation that can be acquired in the shopping mall business is the personal shopper. He or she is often employed by a mall or a boutique. A personal shopper often specializes in picking out clothes and accessories for wealthy and very busy clientele. Advice on what is in fashion, decision on choosing the right wardrobe for a certain occasion, and picking the right color for customers are just a few of a personal shopperâs responsibilities.