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The Spirits of Convenience - Liquor Stores

Liquor Store Storefront

A liquor store is a convenience store that specializes in the sale of alcoholic products and beverages in those countries where alcohol consumption is regulated.  In states with Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) in place, liquor stores sell distilled spirits and wines, but not beer.  These liquor stores are often called ABC stores when run by the alcoholic beverage control.

Liquor Stores in the United States

Alcohol consumption in the majority of the United States is restricted and controlled.  There are laws specifying the sale of alcohol up to and including the venues in which they can be sold and the times during which they can be sold.  Some alcoholic beverages can only be sold in specialty liquor stores, whereas most beer can commonly be sold in convenience stores and grocery stores.  There are eighteen states where ABC stores are run exclusively by the state government, with strict guidelines.  In Nevada and Missouri, alcohol of any type can be sold in any venue, including gas stations, drug stores and supermarkets, all but making liquor stores superfluous.

Online Liquor Stores

With the growing popularity of Internet shopping, it follows that liquor stores would begin to offer their wares online, as well.  What started as a venture for wineries and other countries wanting to make their products available to a wider audience has grown to become a huge business.  Online liquor stores often offer rare or hard to get products, including distilled spirits, foreign liqueurs, wines, or other products.  Some online liquor stores also offer cigars and other tobacco products.  Many discount retailers are cropping up as well, and are enjoying the profits of this new market.  Online liquor stores allow persons to discreetly purchase their products without having to worry about scrutiny or embarrassment. 

Liquor stores are common in most any town, even in those states that are strictly regulated.  There are a few national chains, as well as a number of wholesale warehouse-style stores who sell alcohol in large quantities at a discounted price.  As with any controlled substance, alcohol should be enjoyed responsibly.  Liquor stores offer a wide variety of products.  Check your local phone book to find one near you.